We used to be ....Best Friends

2:46:00 AM


within last few days, i was about thinking someone who was around during my teenage-hood, until some other day i did some mistakes which i did the apology so very late..but at least, i was realized myself, even though it couldn't throw back the sweet situation as previously we had.

I believe that life is not merely about "coincidences" but deeper a kind of some telepathy strengths. The power of thinking that can attract one's soul to remember us, or doing something we expected, or just be around just in a second, unconsciously.

and this dawn, i got it happened as i see this someone suddenly stick around in my facebook, we didn't chitchat, didn't write each others, we didn't make any connection at all, but left marks those we can notice one to another, knowing that we're still best friends.

Take care pal !

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