Let Us Renewing Our Minds!

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Renewing Our Minds

Let Us Renewing Our Minds!

Life is Complicated, some people feels, their life is full of obstacles, others think life is just simple and easy going, some let the life is going as it goes to be.

On Whatsoever, you feel, think and treat your life to be, don't forget to considerate that we create our own life, we drive the directions.

Should you need this life is full of happiness, peace, and Financially quite enough, you are the  only one who determine the directions, on how to create situation, arrange your budget, thank-full what you have today.

Your life would be in a mesh, if you can't manage your inner feelings, you will feel lack of fortune, or God never bless you, or feel desperately frustated to your weaknesses, inability, lacks of money, broken heart, failure syndrome, lonely and etc.

Renewing your minds!

Yes ! Correct, we should renew our minds to a new motivational horizon of perspective, by considering all obstacles, problems and trouble in all good sides of your mind, you should be able to :
1. Thank-Full what you have done (even the fails ones)
2. Thank-Full what you have had (Appreciate the people surround you and how they treat you, even the worst ones)
3. Immediately balancing the mind when negative sides start to dominate by put your views in the other side of others people minds
4. Stick the opinion that every obstacles, problems of your own, implicitly create a good positive further development maturity of your own, on how you will be able to cope and as a test to increase higher level of Adventurous life
5. Stick your mind, that every tiny things happens to your life come for a reason, a positive side for your own
6. what kinds of situations in your life, must be the best condition, that God Grants you, even if you suffered loss or sadness, it perhaps, God is starting to protect you to the worst thing to happened you do not yet know.
7. Don't Ever judge your life, ain't Blessed !

Cheers !
Happy Friday ! Jumah Mubarak!

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