Relationship Abuse

4:52:00 AM

To love someone is to understand on how much you mean to him/her

To always break promises you made for love, You are somewhat egoist
To always asking him/her to understand what you want, You are selfish
To always treat the one you love at only your will, never considerate his/hers,  You are cruel.

Love, is not just enough by saying I love you
Love is not just enough by convincing that you never leave
Love is not just enough by taking for granted they will always be under your influence

The way you treat me, in repeatedly, just teaching me,
How Much i Should love my self, bigger than to you...
and give me a lessons for distrusting a true love..
Because, disrespect the one you love, is a relationship abuse

the love youve built for years
the trust you convinced at all times
gradually, disappear...

Love is not eroded by time, but is eroded by the way you nourish it

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